ICAP Training Solutions is committed to furthering educational standards as a tool to assist emerging and frontier markets to build liquidity, attain maturity and contribute to an orderly and efficient market place. We aim to provide high quality, practical, market related workshops covering the full spectrum of the financial markets. 
Our online, digital training platform was created to simplify the learning process by providing learners and institutions with a one-stop shop to meet their training needs. 

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    This course is designed to explain to delegates in a banking environment, the role of Basel II and its successor, Basel III in the risk management function. It demonstrates how it adds value to an organisation despite its flaws and it explains the key components of risk management.

    This course will explore the issues and challenges of Asset and Liability Management for bank risk managers, auditors, and regulators. The course also looks at the practical advantages and disadvantages of risk measurement and management tools and techniques, using samples of best practice risk reports.

    Digital marketing utilizes the power of technology and the Internet to enthuse demand through interactive mediums. Digital marketing creates a platform where all consumers are equal and suppliers have to compete by creating or enhancing the value they propose. It places a transparency obligation on all users and creates unprecedented freedom of choice for the buyer

    aci2Welcome to the ACI Dealing Certificate, this is the foundation programme that allows candidates to acquire a working knowledge of the structure and operation of the major foreign exchange and money markets as well as their core products (cash, forwards and derivatives), and the basic skills required for competent participation, including the ability to apply the fundamental mathematics used in these markets.


    aci3A well-trained and efficiently organised Treasury Operations department is essential to every financial institution. It provides a vital service to the Front Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all the necessary documentation is completed. Taking the wider job function of operations staff into consideration, this examination has been designed to provide a benchmark for competency in all aspects of the operations and settlement processes.

    This course introduces you to the basic concepts of the Swaps, Options and Futures markets and how to use money market interest rate derivatives to hedge interest rate risk.

    This course introduces you to the basics of FX and Interest Rate Options. The course provides you with a thorough understanding of all concepts including Option terminology, Option pricing, Option pay-off lines, Vega, Straddles, Strangles, Caplets, Caps, Floorlets, Floors, Collars and Swaptions.

    This course provides a solid understanding of financial derivatives and their fundamental role in today's financial markets. It also covers the difference between exchange -traded and OTC derivatives which are explained using real-life examples. Emphasis is also directed towards the pricing methods used without getting lost in the details.


    This course introduces you to the fundamental building blocks of the fixed income market, exposing you to the basic principles of bonds, pricing of bonds, duration and convexity as well as bond yields and bond yield curves.

    This course introduces you to the fundamental building blocks of the Foreign Exchange market, exposing you to the spot market, cross rates, forward exchange contracts, influencing factors on the Forex market as well as a sneak preview of swaps.


    This course provides you with the building blocks for creating a trading methodology that suits the end-user. With some simple techniques technical analysis will replace the emotion of trading with the discipline required to be consistently successful.


    This course provides you with a basic overview of the Money Markets and introduces you to the concepts of discount instruments, yield instruments, simple vs compound interest and the interbank market.

    This course provides delegates with a practical understanding of how a real business works, how no single product created by a bank stands in isolation, how the actions of a sales person could either mitigate the risk, or worst, contribute to it. Class participation is encouraged putting each candidate in the driver's seat of a corporate client faced with multiple solutions to any given problem. The ultimate aim is for attendees to gain an understanding of just how difficult this process is for a client, and then crossing the divide in formulating ways in which they can assist clients better due to a thorough understanding of where a client comes from.

    The introduction to the financial markets introduces the delegates to the various products that are central to the treasury department of a bank.
    The overall financial market
    The Forex market
    The Bond market
    The Money market
    The Derivatives market
    Treasury systems and management
    Risk management
    Code of conduct

    This course provides you with a detailed understanding of the application of mathematics, statistics and computation to solve problems in finance, as well as the necessary practical tools for the pricing, hedging and risk management of a diverse range of financial products in several asset classes.